The London Conservative Party have yesterday sent out a bulletin message sarcastically pointing out that many Londoners will struggle to get home due to yet another tube strike in Sadiq Khan’s London. The email entitled “Gonna be late, [name] – stuck on a platform”.

Paul Scully MP, the composer of the mail-out said: “It’s strange. When Sadiq Khan was elected Mayor, he promised us zero tube strikes. But this is the fifteenth. So why won’t the Mayor stand up to the unions?”

It’s a perfectly good question to ask, Sadiq promised zero tube strikes during his Mayorship yet this is the fifteenth. They ask we share this video, please do take a watch and share around!

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “RMT members are standing absolutely rock solid and united the length of the Central Line this morning as they send out the clearest possible signal that they will not be bullied into accepting a wholesale undermining of workplace justice and rights.

“Industrial relations along the Central Line have been at breaking point for some time now and the failure of the management to address the issues, and a conscious decision to up the ante by attempting to single out and pick off individual members of staff, has tipped the situation over the edge and has led to the strike action today.”

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